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Hospital & Surgical Benefit

        Being ill can be a very challenging experience to you and your family. With the ever increasing costs of hospitalization, you can easily face thousands of dollars in unexpected health care expense. While you will need the professional medical treatment, our comprehensive hospital cover can make a vital difference in relieving your financial stress.


        Three levels of protection are available to best match your personal needs. Plan early to safeguard you and your loved ones from life’s bewildering stormy days.


        This optional policy provides the following coverage:
        1. Daily hospital room and board
        2. Daily in-hospital doctor’s visit
        3. Miscellaneous hospital expenses
        4. Daily intensive case
        5. Surgical fee
        6. Anaesthetist’s fee
        7. Operating theatre fee
        8. Emergency out-patient treatment (accident)

Hospital Income Benefit 

        A more comprehensive cover can be provided by enrolling our Hospital Income. Should you need to be hospitalized, a daily cash benefit will be payable according to the number of days you stay in the hospital. This additional cash can be used to settle your medical bills or help to maintain your family’s standard of living. Three levels of protection are also available to suit your needs.

Anyone aged 59 or below is eligible to apply for the Hospital & Surgical Benefit and/or the Hospital Income while enrolling our basic life insurance plan.

Hospitalization Benefit Claim Form

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